Effectiveness Of Vita K Spider Veins Cream

The small, thin veins which remain just underneath the skin surface, are called spider veins. These veins may be red or blue in color and radiate out from a central area like small webs. This sign of aging occurs mostly on the legs and face. According to studies, about seventy-five percent of the population is affected by this condition, which is known as telangiectasia.

Spider veins on legs

Causes of spider veins

This condition is generally found among men and women who are in their 40s or 50s. The main factors which usually contribute to this condition are, age, sun damage, genetics and stress. Some of the other underlying factors can be obesity, rosacea, smoking, excessive consumption of alcohol, etc. For women, another factor can be the flow of estrogen during the time of pregnancy or the hormonal changes which might happen as a side effect of the consumption of birth control pills.

How does it happen?

When the superficial veins near the skin’s surface leak little amount of blood, the blood branches out into the tissues and form little patterns of discoloration. This leads to the formation of spider veins. These veins can be small and painless, but, still they might look awkward. Some of the topical treatments which include vitamin K, can blanch out these blood vessels so that they fade away and get absorbed into the body naturally. Even though this is not a serious medical condition,  spider veins can indicate a sluggish circulatory system or other venous issues.

Importance of Vitamin k in treating spider veins

After any kind of injury or surgery vitamin k helps with blood clot. In general we all consume adequate quantities of vitamin k through common food like, leafy green vegetables, avocados, Brussel sprouts, etc. One can apply vitamin k cream for spider veins on legs, or otherwise, one can even consume supplements or take injections.

As this condition is so common, there is a wide range of vita k spider veins creams in the market. Vitamin k creams work effectively to cure these spider veins because it is an antihemorrhagic vitamin and promotes blood clotting. These creams reduce the blood seepage and diminish the appearance of spider veins.

Effectiveness of Vitamin K Creams

There is very little scientific proof of the effectiveness of these creams. However, some manufacturer tests have shown that the repeated application of this cream for about six weeks helps the spider veins to fade away. However, it is usually not a permanent solution, as you will have to go on applying it for an indefinite span of time in order to avoid the reappearance of these veins. However, topical creams like Auriderm Clearing Gel contain a form of Vitamin K, which is called vitamin K oxide. This vitamin K oxide helps to rebuild the vascular walls and help to repair the damage that has occurred surrounding them. Thus, it reduces the appearance of the spider veins. This gel is often applied after laser treatment, in order to clean up what laser has missed. Some of the physicians even use it prior to sclerotherapy, in order to reduce spider veins.

Best vitamin K products for spider treatment

Venorex: This is a high intensity cream for spider veins. It is truly effective, as it has a precise blending of ingredients, pH control of the base. It also has a good ability of absorption. The high quality ingredients that have been used in the cream and their perfect blending, helps people to get satisfactory results. This product is highly rated and users have got good results after regularly using it.

VeneSanar Cream: This is a biologically active cream, which helps to improve blood circulation, strengthens the skin and stimulates the natural regeneration process. The presence of Vitamin K in this cream, helps to helps to boost circulation and thereby reducing the appearance of spider veins. Vitamin K helps the body to reabsorb the blood quickly and thus, leads to a faster healing procedure. Users have seen positive results within weeks of using it.

If you do not wish to spend hundreds of dollars for laser treatments or sclerotherapy, then it may be worth trying out these vita k creams in order to get rid of your spider veins.